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Electronic Recycling - Doing it The Proper Way

The brand new Plasma TV is a dream. What to do with the old TV that still works, but nobody wants? With modern technological advances, disposing of the hand me downs can be a bit of a problem. That's where electronic recycling services come in. Either manufacturer direct or as partners to retailers, there are a variety of programs designed to properly dispose of, recycle and refurbish your own undesirables.

What options are out there?  They're all a little bit different, with the same objective in mind – to recycle the stuff that doesn't need to be in your house, and get it to the people who want it.  Reviewed in Alphabetical order, they have something for everyone, so see what fits your lifestyle needs and preferences. 

Best Buy

Best Buy offers one of the best deals around.  Not only will they pick up your dead (or barely alive) old appliance, they will dispose it, recycle it as well as batteries, cartridges and other disposable electronic parts.  Other items, like computer hardware, fax machines and other pieces of equipment can be brought in during the store's periodic recycling events.  We give them a thumbs up for being both consumer and ecologically friendly.

Direct to Manufacturers

Go online to research your manufacturer's recycling program.  Some pick up the item at the door, like Dell Computer.  Others offer credits and reimburse you for shipping costs, even when you ship a competitor's model.  Shop around and see what's offered directly by the manufacturer.

Flip Swap

Specializing in handheld phones and IPod’s, just enter your zip code to find the nearest recycling spot where you can get cash back for your phone.  Flip swap will send you a check for about $30 for your old phone and plant a tree in your name.  If you prefer, the check can be sent to the charity of your choice.


Its name means Free-Cycle and that's how they operate.  List your item and wait for someone to express an interest in it.  You pass it on and the cycle of usage continues.  It works!


After the last five upgrades, old cellular phones and other electronic devices may be cluttering your home.  They also accept old gaming consuls, Blue Ray DVDs and other young dinosaurs that have become recently obsolete.  They always offer free shipping , and usually a free box for shipping them back.  They will cut you a check and deposit it in Pay Pal, or you may choose a registered charity to donate the proceeds to. 

Office Depot

Bring your old ink and toner cartridges to the store for a $3 coupon on future cartridge purchases.  Old cellular phones are accepted free for recycling.  If your old electronical items, TV or computer, qualify for a trade in credit, look on the company website under the Tech Trade-In Program.   If it doesn't – Plan B is to purchase a $5 to $15 reinforced recycling box to pack your oldies but goodies into.  The store will forward them on to a recycling outlet. 


Dell Reconnect is a partner to Goodwill that will help you recycle your old computers. Your donated computer, printer, scanner and so on will be used in a variety of new ways.  First be sure to delete any and all personal data off your hard drive; Eraser and Kill Disk are just two ways.  The students will repair or disassemble your donated item, selling the valuable parts and refurbishing the computers with potential.  This enhances the job program, training centers and retail outlets, something like a triple win-win.  Plus, you get a legal tax deduction.


Electronic Insurance – what a concept!  Buy a policy under the techforward plan which guarantees you an automatic buyback at the end.  Register and purchase a guaranteed buyback plan for a period up to two years.  The company determines the buyback value.  After only six months, you'll receive 50% of your purchase price and between six months and a year, an additional 40%.

The National Cristina Foundation

A non-profit organization, it teams up with schools and other organizations that need computers.  They even provide computer training.  If you have a piece of equipment that is no longer current but still works, the Cristina Foundation would be most interested in your donation and will even come to pick it up in all of the 50 states.

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