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Follow and like restaurants on social media to get coupons

Follow or like restaurants to get coupons and discounts on food. A lot of restaurants offer coupons and discounts just for following social media among them Rd Robin, Arbys, Fuddruckers, and more

Today we are bombarded by “follow us” “watch us” or “like us” invitations and they have gone mostly ignored, at least by me. But I found out recently that there’s benefit in those promotions! Benefit for my pocket book in fact. The next time you get an invite to “like” a particular restaurant, café, fast food business, or even your local grocery store, take a look at what that invitation offers besides a popularity vote. They have coupons and daily specials that can be really useful to us, the frugally minded who appreciate a good bargain. My hubby and I eat out several times a month anyway so getting discounts and even free meals is most welcome! Around our birthdays we get freebie meals from a wide assortment of dining places.

Outback Steakhouse offers great discounts when you “like them”

My absolute favorite restaurant is the Outback Steakhouse! They have those yummy Onion Blossoms that I can make a meal out of and then take my entrée home for later! When you join their Outback Rewards you will find a whole bunch of bargains and offers that save serious money, and that’s at a restaurant you actually will go to anyhow so why not save a few bucks while you’re at it? I love the idea of being informed as to when they have specials I like and the rewards points are adding up for me every time I visit.

Red Robin excels in the great American hamburger

Of all the burger joints around I love Red Robin and their bottomless steak fries! These gourmet burgers are so juicy and delicious I find myself and my hubby going there several times a month. We both joined their rewards club and now receive a free burger on our birthdays! Can’t beat that promo because we’d eat there anyway! They now have gift cards that will automatically load your free birthday meal on so no coupon printing, just show them your card when dining.

Arby’s Good Mood Food always makes me smile!

Unless you’re a lifelong vegan you’ve most likely been to Arby’s and tried their roast beef. They have the absolute leanest and most flavorful roast beef sandwiches anywhere! I follow them on Twitter and love their special offers to me on my birthday!

Sign up at Fuddruckers for your next free birthday burger!

My son got me loving this funky fun burger place. Sign up and you get a free birthday burger every year! They have a wide variety of ingredients for their premium quality all beef burgers; you simply pick out whatever toppings you want and add them yourself. It’s sort of like a buffet of ingredients like tomatoes, onions, lettuce, and all the other condiments you could ever ask for! It’s fast and friendly service is what keeps us coming back for more!

Wing Stop for delicious Chicken Wings!

My family considers chicken wings to be more bother then they’re worth to eat. They don’t care for the bones and skin (I’ve spoiled them way too much I suspect). I on the other hand love Wing Stop’s wings, particularly their lemon pepper flavor. This is another place I get coupons often for and it’s usually for free French fries (they have absolutely delicious fries!). They don’t call themselves “the wing experts” for nothing! My birthday I always get free wings in my email and I always take advantage of every freebie I can!

Ever been to Branson Missouri? Maybe you’ve found Lambert’s Café

We love Lamberts for their enormous Chicken Fried Steaks and mouth watering ribs. This is the place they throw dinner rolls at you from across the room, and almost never miss! Bring your driver’s license or other ID on your birthday and you eat for free! (or up to $9.99 off your meal). I especially appreciate places that feed you heartily since we are now on a fixed income it helps to pay for one meal and have enough leftovers for at least one more meal! You can find Lambert’s south of Springfield MO on the way to Branson or over in Sikeston, MO as well as down in Foley, Alabama. Employees come around continually with “pass arounds” they will pile on your plate. Black Eyed Peas, fried potatoes, macaroni with tomatoes, fried okra, and sorghum for those “throwed” rolls! And again, when you sign up on Facebook or follow on Twitter you get lots of special offers and freebies!

Ruby Tuesday is burger heaven and so much more!

Another favorite of ours is Ruby Tuesday. They have what they call the Triple Prime Burger and it surely is prime! Even the lettuce and tomatoes are prime cuts! But they also have a full menu with plenty to choose from! Visit their “fan page” on Facebook and you’ll find rewards aplenty! Another fav of ours for the free meal on birthday and other specials.

Whether it’s your favorite dining out spot or the local grocery you win!

Being able to get a free meal just for clicking on a web site is a “no brainer” for me! I will gladly follow or like or watch them to get my food for free! Many grocery stores now offer discounts and other incentives to get you to vote for them and by showing some “favoritism” you get repaid quite nicely. I appreciate getting my coupons doubled (sometimes even tripled) and finding offers that tempt me into going to a particular store to save a few dollars! I only mentioned a few here because they’re close to me and I do get rewarded by them for “liking” them on Facebook. Most of the chain restaurants and lots of the fast food establishments have offerings of all sorts, so enjoy as many as possible!

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