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Frugal Freebies to Make Your Heart Sing

Finally! Here are some functional freebies that can actually be useful and improve daily life. Who wants a lifetime supply of dental floss, for example? Besides that, freebies tend to make most people suspicious. It's not unusual, after hearing the word Free or Gratis to immediately wonder “Is this a scam?”

Some clever freebies may be designed to wriggle a few bucks out of you, which is never too much fun. For those suspicious minds out there, we have blocked out the “what”'s along with the “why”'s and the “how”'s so you can see the method behind the madness regarding those fabulous freebies which are truly being offered for FREE.  Enjoy these free perks, and get them while the getting's good!


Free Business Cards!

What – 250 free business cards from VistaPrint!

Where –

Why -  A promotion designed to increase their existing 12 million customer base.  Click here for all of vistaprint's recent promotions.

How –  Don't be surprised to be hearing from them fairly often after you place your order.


Free Technical Support for Computer Problems

What – tech support for frustrating computer problems

Where –

Why – they are humanitarians, sick of seeing how those who buy software programs are mostly ignored after the fact

How – we haven't been able to figure that out yet.


Learn a Foreign Language – For Free!

What – Free foreign language classes in a variety of languages:  French, Spanish, German, Italian, Portuguese, Greek, Mandarin Chinese and more  Here you'll get your weekly

lessons, learning tips, assignments and feedback from a real teacher by email for up to 12 weeks, completely free of charge

Where –

Why – the BBC wants you to become bi- or tri- lingual

How – as one of the world's largest broadcasting companies, the BBC is on a mission to create and maintain programs that enhance enriched learning and education


Free Family Calendar!

What – A special place to organize your life, appointments, online calendar and address book. With the emphasis on families, each individual plugs in their schedule which merges together to create a master plan

Where –

Why – They wouldn't mind if you upgrade to their $10/month service, but they won't bug you about it, either

How – The site is supported by online advertising, but it's tastefully done and not hard to take.


Free Downloadable Cook Books

What – Theme based cook books free for the downloading! (Like Picnics, Barbecues..)

Where –

Why – To gain brand recognition and loyalty among members and users

How - Outside advertising pays the bill


Free Radio Service – You Choose What You Hear!

What – Listen to your favorite groups / styles for free! Type Abba, you may also get Toto and other similar artists that suit your preferences

Where –

Why –  Advertisers foot the bill, so  you will hear a few ads

How – If you don't want the ads, you can subscribe for a small fee. (That's how!)


Free Bartering Site for Gently Used Furniture and Other Goodies

What – A chance to change your home interiors for nothing, zero, zilch. Small home appliances are also available but don't be greedy, it's based on give and take.

Where –

Why – environmentally motivated to keep stuff out of landfills, this site is designed to let people share and share alike. Those who take must also give, but no money is allowed to exchange hands

How – A grass roots, nonprofit organization


Free Photo Organizer

What – Once a pricey software, it's been acquired by Google who has now chosen to provide it for free. You can locate all your photos, beautify them, classify them and share them in a fast and easy way.

Where –

Why – It's one of life's necessities

How – One of the features of Google's large array of helpful programs and services


Free Spam Filter

What – Designed to block and filter the junk you'd rather like to live without

Where –

Why – Given the thumbs up by PC magazine, it's considered a valuable freebie for all active net users.

How – The company wants to help as many computer users as possible enjoy the internet without the annoying reality of Spam.


Free Directory Assistance

What – Directory Assistance – instead of paying per call, use this free service

Where – 1-800-FREE-411

Why –  It's free for those who use it – but ads pay the price

How – The service is supported by ads – after a ten second ad, you will get the number you are looking for.

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