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With sizes that begin at a 14 or a 14/16 and so much to offer in the way of styles, colors, and designer type clothing this is the ideal place to shop for the larger sizes. So many well intended clothing stores simply do not recognize that many of us are a “bit bigger” than some, and we deserve to have a wide selection in attire as well. At they do care! And they do have a large inventory from which to choose stylish and well fitting clothing. ..More

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Knit tops to flats and boots in sizes to fit

The web site is easy to navigate and with large photographs of every item you can see exactly what you are ordering. Go to the size chart and find the ideal size that is based on actual measurements of bust, waist, and hips so you can be assured it will fit! Colors selection in most garments is vast, modern, and fashionable. Looking for a coat or a jacket or blazer? You can find a wide assortment here that will not only keep you warm this winter but also lend a stylish appearance where ever you go, be it to the office or the golf course.

Read the reviews left by other shoppers

Reviews on products that have been provided by others who have purchased that item are always welcome because you can get an idea of what’s good, and even what’s not so good about any item. When it comes to clothing it helps to be told if an item is actually sized correctly and that it is the length that is stated in the product description. Once you buy you may be encouraged to give your own opinion in a review and that will help future shoppers at make their own decisions as to which dress, top, pants, or boots to choose. You can’t get that type of “feedback” when shopping in a regular store.

Keep warm all winter with stylish outerwear from

This web site has so much to offer! Look in the coats department and you can find jackets, blazers, and coats of many styles and shapes. Faux leather jackets can be purchased at very reasonable prices and they will look spectacular no matter your size or shape. Choose one with the “furry hood” and be stylishly modern yet retro in fashion. Wool coats come in an amazing selection of styles and designs that are each beautiful and functional. If you have been searching quite a while for a double breasted peacoat or maybe trying to find just the ideal boucle style coat in a long length, you will find them and so much more at!

Shoes boots heels pumps and flats

The most stylish boots can be found here in sizes that will fit! If you need a wider calf or longer size in a riding boot or maybe a slouch boot in suede from a size 7 up to a size 13 it can be found here. Beautiful colors and top quality fabric come into play and when you buy boots you expect them to last, and these most definitely will!

Accessorize yourself or give as gifts

The web site has a jewelry and accessory section that is fun to explore! Now is the ideal time to give gifts that sparkle and shine and you can find plenty of that at Whether it’s a scarf, a small case for a cell phone, a fashionable watch, or a glittering ring you will find the prices reasonable and the choices extensive enough to please the most discriminating shopper with many items coming in pleasing gift boxes. Don’t worry about sizing when it comes to rings because they offer “stretch” rings that will fit most any finger and the rings are absolutely gorgeous as well! Visit the first time and you will return again and again!