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Perfectmatch is based on the idea of Dr. Pepper Shwartz, a leading author in the relationship arena. Their system is based on the idea of compatibility. Users fill questionnaires to find the most likely compatible mate for you. The questionnaire helps users find the best suited matches for each other. For example one topic that most couples tend to avoid is money. Love and money are a challenge for many starting couples. Perfectmatch has assessments that deal with understandings of fiscal responsibility. This is just one good example of how assesses the complete person's values as well as personality...More

Perfectmatch Information

Featured on Dr. Phil, Perfectmatch offers you to find a compatible mate by utitilizing a tool they call Duet. This analyzes the ‘whole person’, including personality, ideals, values, life and lovestyle. With this comprehensive approach, many people have found perfectmatch to get it just right! Try them out for a change and make sure you email us when you found your beloved mate in your life.

Perfectmatch Promotions

Perfectmatch always has a promotion available. Use available coupon codes listed to find that perfect someone in your life. One of their popular promotions is their buy one, get one free membership. Now, not only you can find that perfect someone, but your friend can as well!