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Staples has the promotion you need at the price you want

Are you looking for tech deals or office supply deals? Staples features tons of promotions that will make your wallet happy. Their deals change weekly, so keep updated with our latest Staples offers listed here. One of their most popular promotions, is their free shipping on orders over $50. Not only does Staples have great deals, but you can also return anything you purchased through the website to their local brick-and-mortar store. Please verify with the terms and conditions on the Staples website before returning items. ..More Information has an easy button for you!

Business offices and the home office look to as well as their “brick and mortar” stores for much of their supplies including copier paper, ink, software, and even their coffee. Since the economic downturn that began in about 2008 many businesses have struggled to survive but Staples has done well because they not only sell supplies very reasonably but they also provide much needed technical assistance and just plain old help by way of their “easy” button technology. The business owner who comes to Staples knows they can expect professional assistance when they purchase new hardware and software. They expect Staples employees to be knowledgeable and helpful, and they are. Office workers like their pens, folders, sticky notes, and a well supplied copier and all that and much more can be found at Staples and Many in fact purchase in bulk through the website and save substantially!

Accounting means calculators to shredders

If your business is in accounting you need calculators, maybe cash boxes or cash drawers, and forms, forms, forms! HR forms, accounting forms, and a wide assortment of tax forms are each required to be accurate and legal and don’t forget they also must be affordable! When all those forms are no longer required you may even need to shred them safely. There is no better or safer method of eliminating those pesky forms once and for all than to use a cross cut shredder. Look for one that can handle at least ten pages at a time or perhaps a really good strip cut shredder that will take care of 30 pages at a time. Then you need to maintain that hard working shredder with oil or lubricant sheets to keep it cutting edge sharp.

Hard working copiers need supplies

One of the hardest workers in any office environment is the copier. They require paper and toner and just like feeding a hungry pet, they need to be fed their supplies often. Being able to purchase the necessary supplies as reasonably as possible helps your business remain in business now and into the future. is the perfect place to order all of your business supplies. If you desire, the employees at Staples can even print your business cards, banners, brochures and flyers for you, beautifully and professionally. Buy your notary stamps, message stamps, and embossers while you are there as well.

Laptops & PC’s Hard Drives & Flash Drives

Computers are yet another area in which excels! They provide not only the computer itself but all parts related such as hard drives, memory, and power supplies. The web site has an excellent search engine that can find exactly the parts your particular computer system needs and the prices are reasonable. Look to for all your networking needs too.

Cell phones cameras GPS devices & Surge Suppressors

To be able to call themselves an Office Supply Store a site must be able to assist their customers with every possible need and requirement to run a business. has it well covered with a wide assortment of everything needed from computers to surge suppressors, office supplies such as copier paper, card stock, envelopes, and business forms. Cell phones GPS devices and cameras are also in stock and even the batteries and cables if needed to run them. Staples tries hard to keep their office supply customers happy and well supplied.