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Norton-Symantec provides total system protection

Download the industry’s best system security software. Go with the name you have known and trusted from the first moment you booted-up your very first computer. Choose a security suite from Norton-Symantec. Choose a security suite from Norton-Symantec. The more you and your family depend on your computers, the more you must protect them against the full array of viruses, adware, spyware, malware, and scareware. Especially if you frequently send files back and forth across the internet and download information and applications from the web, you need up-to-the-minute security software. You cannot rely on any old Brand-X security suite to do the job for you, because many rogue anti-virus programs and registry cleaners actually contain the most insidious system-crippling viruses. Automatically updated and extremely easy to use, Norton-Symantec security software gives you comprehensive, full-time protection without compromising your system’s performance...More

Symantec norton Information

Trust in for security on the internet

The internet can be a fun and educational place for all ages but there is always a risk of harmful viruses, bots, spyware, malware, and other dangerous invasions into your computing world whenever you go online. Giving out personal information while visiting unfamiliar sites is never smart but it’s done every day by otherwise intelligent people. And without protection your online experiences are just very very dangerous!

Symantec and Norton have long been a highly respected names when it comes to protecting your computer against malicious viruses and other invasive programs that, at the very least, want to spy on what you are up to and where you shop while on the internet. The more vicious and malicious of them want your identity or even your credit card information! They may destroy you financially and damage your computer beyond repair! When you add on this valuable protection you can feel safe because they cover you like a warm security blanket and guarantee their protection as well. Some of the benefits you can expect from include:

  • Vulnerability Protection to stop those cybercriminals by blocking any security holes in all your applications.
  • Antiphishing Technology that effectively blocks those website thieves from stealing your money and identity
  • Norton Identity Safe works like a real time save, securing your vital info such as passwords and user names so those cybercriminals won’t ever get their grubby hands on them.
  • Constant updating of your protection can be scheduled to be done every five to fifteen minutes, without any disruption of your web browsing.
  • Insight is a small program that checks out files and where they come from. Most harmful applications will be new and this will ferret out any malware before it enters your computer.
  • Norton Safe Web keeps you covered while on the internet and warns of suspicious sites before they can harm you.
  • Parental control are always necessary when small children go online and Symantec-Norton have you well covered with award winning quality protection for the entire family.
  • Your browser is the most vulnerable place when entering web sites and must be protected from online threats and harmful programs that will cause you and your computer damage.
  • If your computer is on a network there is need for protection for that as well. When a virus enters a network it may travel over the entire system. Securing the entire network is what does very well.
  • Social networking sites are another means of contamination on your computer. You need a program that will constantly scan for any intrusive activity.

Previous software security programs gobbled up hard drive space!

Older programs designed to keep your computer safe from harm while surfing the web actually took up vast quantities of space on your computer’s hard drive! So much so they would slow everything down and even the operation of those programs would cause browsing to appear to run at a snails pace. Now the Symantec-Norton set of applications and multiple layers of protective programs are designed to fit into small spaces and run simultaneously with all your other activities. Think of it as a friendly law enforcement officer watching over your shoulder yet never intruding on your online activity. Look to for all your computer security applications.